Larry Smith. Lou Rubin.

Two great friends. Two inspirational legacies.

Larry Smith was a number of things. A loving husband, father, & friend. A former police captain, bicycle enthusiast, baker, and rock star personality that inspired a full length documentary that changed the world.

Lou Rubin was a number of things. A loving husband, father, & friend. An attorney, advocate, and gallant spirit who’s bravery and bold nature launched an experiment that became a movement.

Larry and Lou, both advanced Parkinson’s patients, knew each other at the right place and at the right time. Their heroic attitude crafted a fortuitous raw video scene that has been viewed by hundreds of millions around the globe.

“It was a humbling experience to get to know both Larry and Lou. They made such a profound impact on my life, how I engage with the cannabis plant, and how I perform extraction today. The experience that these two determined individuals provided to the world, was nothing short of a miracle” – said Jimmy Castillo, Chief Science Officer at Jenny’s Rose

Today Jimmy reflects on his relationships with Larry and Lou, and how his ideas have grown. He now embraces these ideas through his work on Jenny’s Rose. Where inspiration, dreams, and powerful encounters continue.



Jimmy Castillo was the originating manufacturer and formulator of the oil used by Larry in the Ride With Larry footage. The association between the product in the video and Jenny’s Rose products should be considered detached, limited to the idea that this was just one of many of Jimmy’s past experiences and products. Jimmy continues to be inspired, learn, and improve on his craft overtime.