Jenny’s Rose is an act of love. It all started with Jennifer Rose Castillo, founder Jimmy Castillo’s brave sister, and namesake behind Jenny’s Rose.


Over the past 10 years our team has stayed true to our mission to ethically provide global cannabis access and develop products using patented technology that unlocks the full potential of the plant.


Rooted in Love, Science, and Compassion.

In 2008 Jennifer Rose Castillo was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Soon after, her brother, Jimmy began his quest in understanding the medical applications and benefits of cannabis to help reduce his sister’s suffering. Despite Jenny’s determination and will, her battle with cancer was lost in 2010. Though he lost his sister, Jimmy’s initial inspiration evolved into a deep passion and quest for helping people with chronic illnesses.

Since 2010, Jimmy has been researching and working with hundreds of affected individuals to find and develop the best strains, genetics, and products for ailments ranging from cancer to Parkinson’s to cerebral palsy and more. His passion for helping and guiding individuals through their journey to relief from chronic issues has become his obsession and life’s work.

All of which has culminated into the products he has developed and that are now readily available as Jenny’s Rose.

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Meet Jimmy Castillo

Since 2008, Jimmy has formulated for many individuals with ailments, including Cancer, Parkinson’s, and more. Through this, Jimmy found a knack in understanding the balance and key differences between cannabis compounds and most importantly, how they impact the body physiologically. 

Continuing his sister’s legacy, Jimmy continues to provide healing to thousands of clients and further extensive scientific research surrounding cannabis and its health benefits. His full intention for the future of the plant, to not see anyone else suffer the way his sister had.