Jenny’s Rose Leadership Team

Jimmy Castillo

Jimmy first came into the cannabis industry in 2008 when he was inspired by his sister, Jennifer Rose Castillo. After Jenny was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2008, Jimmy began his extensive research on the benefits and applications of cannabis. Jimmy formulated for many individuals with ailments, including Cancer, Parkinson’s, and more. Through this, Jimmy found a knack in understanding the balance and key differences between cannabis compounds and most importantly, how they impact the body physiologically. Continuing his sister’s legacy, Jimmy continues to provide healing to thousands of medical patients and further extensive scientific research surrounding cannabis and its health benefits. His full intention for the future of the plant, to not see anyone else suffer the way his sister had.

Yes Cannabis

Yes Cannabis is an operations team with extensive background in the cannabis industry. As champions of global cannabis advocacy, the Yes Cannabis team has identified Jenny’s Rose to be disruptive technology that is unique and highly impactful to the world. The Yes Cannabis team has organized with Jimmy to develop the namesake brand, organize intellectual property, management, and extensive network connections. Yes Cannabis intends to spread love, science, compassion, and cannabis access to the world.


Paul Rosen

Paul Rosen is an industry titan, a pioneer of the global legalized cannabis industry, lawyer, and very active entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. Paul was a co-founder of PharmaCan Capital Corp (NASDAQ: CRON; TSX: CRON), and served as its first CEO and President for four years.  Under Paul’s leadership, PharmaCan / Cronos Group acquired ownership interests in a number of the initial cannabis licenses awarded in Canada, and was the 3rd cannabis company to go public in Canada.

Paul has enjoyed a distinguished speaking and media career.  He has appeared on/in Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, BBC Business, Nasdaq TV, Yahoo Finance, The Economist, The Street, Barrons, National Public Radio and Cheddar TV. Paul is an active member of the global cannabis community and provides extensive leadership, for the benefit of the industry and the lives enhanced along the way.